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We are a Global media platform creating unlimited connections & job opportunities by connecting Companies, Employers and Job Seekers in all fields of creativity, like that of Film, Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, Television & Radio Broadcasting, Editing, Publishing, Advertising, Photography, Press and Print media, etc.

P4U Studio is a robust 3-in-1 media platform, which you can use as a 1. Job Board / Portal 2. Personal Resume and 3. Company Profile.

1. Job Board / Portal

First of all, on P4U Studio you can browse, search and filter / refine 3 entities: jobs, companies and resumes. And here companies have complex profiles and can be filtered / sorted in a companies directory. The same goes for Jobs and Resumes directories.

Imagine 60+ fields only for a quality Resume output, all created while keeping in mind europass CV recomendations and everything displayed in a very visual and engaging form, using transition effects, animations and parallax.

Tailor made for Media Industries!

Faceted search filters and refinements for Jobs, Resumes and Companies Directories.

2. Personal Resume

It can be easily used as a powerful and, what’s more important, a very visual appealing one-page Resume theme in which you can showcase all your skills, education, awards, career, portfolio and contact details.

3. Company Profile

It’s really easy to setup your detailed company profile and let know the users about you. Moreover, you can even Geo-tag your location and projects!

Other Website Features

  • Global Listing with Geo Tagging

    Creative artists have no boundaries. And P4U Studio makes that possible! For example a “sound designer” from Indian film industry will now be able to work in Hollywood with the connections that we create. Amazing isn’t it?

    Find Jobs and Companies wherever you travel. Geo tagging feature helps you to find opportunities based on locations using Google Maps.

    Build a creative resume and showcase your work to large media houses, film studios, find jobs and do much more!

  • 100+ built-in fields for describing in detail Companies Profiles, Job Offers and Resumes
  • Directories with Google Maps for Companies, Resumes and Job Offers.
  • Faceted search with filters and refinements for Companies, Job Offers and Resumes.
  • Latest web technologies for an oustanding User eXperience
  • Europass curriculum vitae fields included in resumes.
  • The most extensive and detailed Resume, Company Profile and Job Offer page on the market.
  • Testimonials for Resumes and Company profiles
  • Modern, Beautiful & Clean Flat Responsive Design, mobile and tablet ready.
  • Retina-Ready
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